Neon Music Country Legacy

Show Hosted By Randy C Moore


Bert Gagnon, a true pioneer and maverick of today’s ever popular internet radio passed away from cancer in 2018. Gagnon , some twenty years ago, began pioneering the internet radio landscape by creating the ever popular Songwriters Network, then following up with MusictogoUSA, and finally with Neon Music Radio. All based on the “songwriter is the star” format of telling the stories and sharing the music of the original composers who created the music of today. Bert was instrumental in integrating the independent singer/songwriters with the mainstream hit makers in a way that gave listeners an entertaining and unique internet experience. Bert Gagnon’s mission statement has always been, “Are you ready to enjoy music again?” That is Mister Gagnon’s legacy and has been the driving idea behind the new syndicated show that will carry his vision into the future, Neon Music Country Legacy. Highway 59 Records recording artist Randy Moore, has signed on as the new host of Bert Gagnon’s Neon Music Country Legacy, a syndicated radio series that highlights country music songwriters & artists from mainstream to independent and all points in-between. On each installment of the series, Randy Moore adds his own distinctive approach to the show, to bring his artistry for a unique radio listening experience.

Neon Music Country Legacy, a one hour syndicated program, is on over 30 Internet, FM , or AM Stations over 50 times per week.

Here is the list of stations and times in the station’s time zone 

Bill and Kat Broadcasting Network - Boots 101
Sun. 12 P.M. EST  and Mon. 10 P.M. EST  
Tues. 1 A.M EST And 9 A.M. EST
Wed. 5 P.M. EST and Thurs. 9 P.M. EST
Fri. 12 P.M and Sat. 2 A.M. EST 

L O Z Radio - Wed 7 P.M. CST

New Zealand Country Music Radio (NZCMR )
Mon. 6 P.M.  NZ Time and 11 P.M. Thurs. NZ Time 

Tamar Valley Country - Wed. 9 P.M. Tasmanian Time 

Taterpatch Radio -1230 AM and 103.1 FM
Friday 11 A.M. EST And Sunday 9 P.M. EST

Cruisin Country Radio – Mon. 5 P.M. EST 

Sunshine Radio UK Wed. 2 A.M. UK Time  and Thurs. 2 P.M. UK time

Country Road 58 Fri. 9 PM UK time and Sat. 10 P.M. UK time

 Edinburg Country Music Radio (ECMR) – Ian Parr - Tues. 3 A.M. UK  

My Kind Of Country - Saturday 8 P.M. EST and Wed 4 P.M. EST

Country Barnyard 305 - Monday 1 P.M. EST  

Country Road Radio – Sun. 9 A.M. UK Time

RFTK Radio – Sat. 10 A.M. U.K Time and Sun. 11 A.M. U.K Time

Irish Country Radio - Fridays 2 P.M. UK Time (Anja)
  - Tues. 10 P.M. UK Time and Thurs. 3 P.M. UK Time

Belgium Country Radio – various times

Tampa Bay Fm – Wed. 9 A.M. EST and Sat 12 P.M. EST

Radio Indie FreeForm -  Monday 9 A.M. MST

The County Line Radio
Thurs. at 7 P.M. CST and Saturday at 3 A.M. CST

KA Radio Scotland – Sun. 9 P.M. UK Time

All Country FM - FM 88  -
Mon. 2:30 P.M. Australian Time and  Wed 2:30 P.M. Australian Time

KDUB – Hit Country – Saturday and Sunday 2 P.M. PT

Indie Country Radio  Mon. 7 P.M. CST

MusicBox4Friends –Sat. 12 P.M. Belgium Time 

EMM Radio - 11 A.M. PT

1670 AM Dewberry Jam - Fri. 5 P.M. CST

Tasman FM 97.7 –on Tues 4 P.M. Tasmania Time 

Kboo FM – various times

Web Radio Express – Thurs. 8 P.M, Belgium Time 

My Country Australia – Thurs. 10 A.M. CST

Irish Scotland Radio – Sun. 1 A.M. Irish Time

Clogher Valley Radio – Sun. 12 P.M. NZ Time

WGAT BEAR - Thurs. 7 P.M. and 11P.M CST

Radio FM Wolf - Fri. and Sat. 9 P.M.  Belgian time

Access Northwest Community Radio - Tues 12:00 A.M. UK Time

SBB Radio 91.1FM -  Tues. and Thurs. 12 A.M. EST

Monies Country Music Radio - Tues 4 P.M. EST

The Shack Australia – Sat 11 A.M. AEST Time or 6 P.M. Friday CST

HGB CANADA – Sun. 8  P.M. EST 

NBRN – Tues 6 P.M. CST 

Red Dirt Roots Radio – Friday 8 AM PT or 10 AM CST   

Lowlands Radio Belgium – Sun 8 P.M. Belgium Time or 1 P.M. CST